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Customer testimonial interviews

Four separate customer testimonial videos used for the clients
new website.

Each of these interviews had to work as a standalone, with no other footage over the top. I had to make sure their facial expressions were similar at the start and end of each quote/clip to fit together. Another thing to think about was the beginning of their response, or rather to include the question in their answer and not begin as if the viewer had just heard the answer.

Interview 1


I filmed this interview at the same time as filming the shots of the cutaways (see video at end) so I had a large light panel with me. Here I had it set-up to the right hand side for fill.  Being in an office, I couldn’t film a wide angle as the shot would have included a TV and a photocopier, so it turned out to be a job for the long lens to keep it tight and throw the background out of focus.

Interview 2


This was the only interview where I had an interviewer off camera which made it a lot easier. For the other interviews, I had to stand in. Alan had great answers; two thirds more than I actually needed.

The sun was making everything look glorious in the evening light so we filmed outside and I pointed him into the sun to light his face. The LED light panel I had with me required mains power, so it stayed in the car boot.

Alan, quite understandably, was wearing sunglasses, and although initially hesitant, I managed to persuade him to take them off. The viewer really does need to see the interviewee’s eyes. However, this did cause him to squint and there was no catch light in his eyes, but it was better than most of his face being in shadow.

Interview 3


This one was filmed in a ground floor dark meeting room at Bristol University.  All beige walls, one floor to ceiling window, strip lighting and ten minutes to do the job. This was a test of one’s creativity.

For the name graphic and incidental opening shot (top left), I filmed in the lobby for a different location. This was so I could start the interview audio before I cut to the interview, and it wouldn’t ‘jump’ when cutting to the main interview.

I was very portable for this testimonial, I arrived holding all the equipment as I had a battery powered LED light panel. I placed the interviewee in front of the window. The light to the right to show a catch light in her eyes and to fill any shadow on her face.

In post production I was able to paint out the blinds to the left and lighten the beige walls somewhat.

Interview 4


Simon wanted to film in a plain meeting room. However, despite his reluctance at the thought of being seen, I managed to persuade him to stand by the entrance of the building. A much more interesting background. The logo was in view and I had the chance to add some b-roll/incidental shots while I was there.

Simon gave an enthusiastic performance, but unfortunately, it wasn’t all plain sailing. The audio, always the most important element, was effected by the generator close by. However, I was able to take it out with my audio editor.

The below is a short advertisement that includes parts of the testimonials