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Mail My Mail

 A start-up explainer video for a print and mailing company.

The brief was to make an animation that could explain what the company offers but without the use of a voiceover. I had a script written, then selected a few complementary colours that worked with the red in the logo. I chose a flat style, a variable speed of animation and a variety of designs to keep the viewer interested.


Mail-my-Mail3 Mail-my-Mail4Mail-my-Mail5 Mail-my-Mail6 Mail-my-Mail7 Mail-my-Mail9 Mail-my-Mail8Mail-my-Mail10 Mail-my-Mail11 Mail-my-Mail12 Mail-my-Mail13 Mail-my-Mail14 Mail-my-Mail15 Mail-my-Mail16 Mail-my-Mail17Mail-my-Mail18 Mail-my-Mail19  Mail-my-Mail20