Be social

Filming and editing pieces to camera

I had to film two pieces to camera. We had a constricted meeting room, but I was able to position one light behind the glass as a rim light. I had two lights front left and one other to the right with a blue filter on it.

I wanted a different look for each person, so I positioned Richard and Fiz for different backgrounds.



Oh, I do love symmetry. When I saw the windows in the background, I had to position Fiz right in the centre.

I could also position for the window film to be at the two thirds mark.

Colour grading


It was a rather grey background, so to make it more interesting/corporate, I added orange filters to the front lights and cooled the white balance to make the background blue.

With my flat picture style, I had to do some simple colour correcting.



The video was interspersed with prerecorded interviews with key phrases slowly zooming. They wanted to keep it as plain as possible.



Without any b-roll to cover the cuts in the client’s lines, I had to film takes at different zoom lengths for more pleasing cuts and a variety of compositions.

Also, Fiz used her hands a lot, so I had to include them.