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Product Videos

This past year I’ve been making product videos. Demonstrating how to assemble, use and showing off their features.

Here’s a few reasons why you would choose a video over photography when selling products.

showcase2Placing the smaller products on a turntable to give the viewer a 360 view.


Shows-how-it-moves-to-compleat-objectiveDemonstration of the clock resetting itself.


Info1Focusing on each row of keys with the annotations describing the functions.


showcase1Panning close-ups of all angles while annotating each selling point.


demonstration9The flow strength from different sized openings.


demonstration8How to assemble.


demonstration6What should be included and in what order to assemble.


demonstration4The right way to configure the strapping.


demonstration2All the options on every side and how they function.


demonstration19The force needed to cut one handed and how well the suction pads work.


demonstration18Showing that it does work! The assembly and easy of use and how well it pours.


demonstration16Using video and graphics in this way, you can show the distance from the floor to the chair leg extenders and what the distance changes to when you drop more in.


demonstration17The movement needed to activate a sensor.


demonstration15How light a product is.


demonstration11The difference in angles in a quick way in relation to other angles. How easy it is to adjust and assemble.


demonstration12How much traction a mat has and how it performs under vigorous changes of pitch.


demonstration10The difference in light given, and how easily it switches on and at what distance.


demonstration1How easy it is, and what technique is needed to assemble.