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Natural, creative, discreet wedding videography that focuses on the emotion and story of the day.

I love to capture, edit and above all, tell a story. I do this by focusing on the atmosphere and emotion of every wedding I’m luckily enough to be part of.

My aim is to capture the day in a relaxed, unobtrusive reportage style as much as I can. Therefore I try not to intrude on your day, so I always stand back and film the day as it naturally unfolds.


  • If you have lots of footage from your guests, then I can edit it together for you
  • Filming from the bride and groom preparations to the dancing, and everything in between
  • 4-7 minute highlights video hosted online and supplied on a USB sick
  • 10-20 minute feature video
  • Edited to a very high production value
  • A video that includes all the speeches
  • Available in any location and for all types of events
  • An off-cuts video: Like any video, there are a great number of clips that don’t fit the story, but are unmissable. I cut them all together into one video.

You can customise all the above.
to tell me what you’d prefer or to ask for a quote.

I record all the ceremony with full audio for every package so that if you chose just the highlight video before the wedding, then change your mind to include all the ceremony, I’ll be able to edit a longer video for you.



To make a booking Please fill in the contact form orfor more information, a quote or to make a booking.


A few kind words…

“I am sat here in tears, tears of joy. You have really captured the moment of our marriage and the sentiment of the day in just 4 minutes. Thank you for seeing us the way you have and doing us so proud. The slow motion and the edit of the images are wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“OH MY GOD!!! I just proper cried and laughter through that!!!! That was perfect!!!!!!! My girls make me laugh so much!!!!! I can’t wait to show Sammy! Nathan, it’s brilliant, can’t thank you enough!!!! xxx”


“I have watched it 3 times and cried each time! It is absolutely moving, sensitive and captures all the essence of the happy marriage of two people who absolutely adore each other. You have an exceptional talent to do this. Every aspect of it is perfect.”